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The future of Nintendo, I wonder.

With the 3DS barely hanging on to dear life, and the Wii-U looking like it’s not going to make a huge splash, I fear that the company that popped my video gaming cherry will suffer in the future.

I remember being GLUED to my NES playing Ninja Turtles, Mario 3, World Cup Soccer (the River City Ransom version of soccer!), and a load of others. Soon, my parents got me and my bro, gameboys and it only fueled my love for Nintendo more.

Then I started to get older and Sega yanked me towards the Genesis. That made Nintendo seem more and more like a “kids console”, since I upgraded to super fast Sonic 2, Mortal Kombat, Shadowrun, etc…

Nintendo still seems like a juvenile gaming console to me, but it works for them because the Wii is family friendly and meant for groups of people to have fun.

The Wii-U is coming soon before the new Sony and Microsoft consoles are (which we know next to nothing about), and I don’t see any reason for anyone to buy it. The same way I don’t see a reason for anyone to buy a 3DS, who already own a DS. Both are minor improvements (from what I’ve seen, anyway).

That being said, the competition may suffer as well if they don’t keep their costs low. I don’t think anyone will be ready to plop down another $500 for a PlayStation 4. Perhaps a PS4 with no disc drive, but digital only (or thumb drive games)? Interesting.

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