Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.

My music project update.

I’ve been spitting mentions of working on my EP on Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve finished mixing one song already that I’ll be using to introduce the project.

I’ve totally been doing things messy. Not the recordings themselves, but I’d start recording one song, almost finish that (mix a little bit to hear what it could sound like), then start on another. I’ve finished mixing one song before the rest of the songs are finished being recorded.

I know the reason why is so that I have some material to show people to (A) show I ain’t full of poop, and (B) create some sort of hype. King of like how video game publishers show screenshots for a game way before it’s release.

This project, I’m 99% sure, will never be materialized live. If it does, I’d probably be a DJ that plays guitar. And that just sounds silly to me. Back-tracked everything except vocals and guitar 😛 My main focus is The Rabid Whole anyway.

Anyways, I’m pretty F’N proud of this initial track. I can’t believe I was able to edit my own guitar. Well I should believe… I learned how to edit audio in school for F-sake. Tedious, but worth it.
I know the quality is good because, well it sounds way better than a demo (at least what a demo sounded like in the 90’s). No hiss, no distortion.

It’s just cover songs but almost all of them no one has really heard of, if they’re not fans of those games or artists.

The best hope I have is that this thing goes viral in the gaming community. I’m treating this release as a video game. People will know what I mean when the time comes.

Waiting on the artwork. Another ode to my fav video game series of all time, by an artist who gets it.

Stay tuned.



P.S. Another bathroom pic tomorrow. Tuesdays = Bathroom Pics

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