Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.

Progress, and N-GE

I re-recorded my guitar for a certain video game soundtrack classic. The last session I did was rough and the levels were not what I wanted.

After editing, it will be ear candy and adding N-GE’s voice to the song.

Now use your imagination.

I’m a huge Fallout fan (since the first one!), and after finding a sound that sounds like an eyebot, I HAD to use it. Now I’m thinking about putting it in every track, but only if it calls for it, and not take over the whole song. Just accents.

You can already hear it in the 1st trailer, in the Com Truise cover clip (the warp-ridden frequency beeps). In the original, Seth Haley uses a sample of a woman singing. Instead of doing the same thing, I’d use my guitar amp-eyebot personality.

Maybe I should refer “it” to “her”. Just like old guys and their boats, and vintage cars. 😛

Anyways I have a great idea for the second trailer, that echoes the fantastic cover art, and goes well with the track I’ll unveil. I hope most of you have been gaming since November 21, 1992. That’s over 19 YEARS!

16-bit anyone?



P.S. Those if you in the Toronto area, my band THE RABID WHOLE will be playing at The Bovine Sex Club on Saturday night (no, it’s not a SEX club, outsiders). It’s my bass player’s birthday as well (who also lays some sweet lovin’ bass on a few tracks on the EP). Want on the guest list? Message me!

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