Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.

Video Game Dev/Fan Disconnect

I was at Fan Expo Canada 2011 in August, checking out the “The State Of The Video Game Industry”-panel. A bunch of VG geeks like me were there, and one thing that one guy from Ubisoft asked was: “What do you guys think is Ubisoft’s most popular title?” EVERYONE: “Assassin’s Creed!”
Dude: “Just Dance.”

*Cue geeks looking at each other with huge MGS “?”-s over their heads.”

Just Dance? Really? Were they just saying an E-rated game, because under 15 kids were there?

‘Popular’ in the video game world probably means sales, unlike the music industry. I’ve never seen an ad for it. Or ANYONE talk about it. The only time I’ve seen Just Dance is on shelves of stores, and “window-shopping” on the PlayStation Store. It blows me away that a shallow dance game sells more than these nerds spend on AAA titles.

The majority of gamers are anything but dancers…I think. Who knows what kids are into these days. I see dudes with fox tails, and chicks lookin’ all bum-ass 80’s, with their bright red lipstick…But I digress!

As a friend once told me in school: “Time for some Contra.”



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