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Coin-Op Machines – The Arcade


I’m in my g/f’s hometown visiting family, and we were having supper at the local pool hall, and what do I see? The first crossover fighting game I’ve ever played in an arcade. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter!

An arcade. Remember those? My generation (born before 1990, I guess) and earlier, know what I’m talking about. Those were the real life multi-player gaming scenes.

I remember when I was 10, taking on some older guy at Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I was Sektor, and he was Mileena. We were matching wits with our teleport punches and kicks. We were doing “best out of 3”. On the 3rd match, and being a naive kid, I let my opponent “try something out” (insert trollface here) on the VS screen by inputting a code to make the match interesting. He screwed me by making my life bar start at HALF. His friends were high-fivin’ each other, while my best bud and I felt cheated.

“Pff, what the hell!? Whatever, man…” as I walked away.

What an asshole. Ah well. It’s cool though to MEET your opponent face to face, and show them your skills without the veil of the Internet.

I’m not into online multi-player games really. Only when I’m playing with friends now and again.

Though, nothing will beat that feeling of walking into a huge room surrounded by machines that eat your quarters (and sometimes, dollars!), and being entertained for hours on end. Remember “Lucky And Wild”? One of my favs. 2 player co-op!

Now I’m sounding like one of those geezers that talk about the good ol’ days. 😛



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