X-Men: Animated Series – Drinking Game

'gonna havta get another one!'

My girlfriend and I have almost wrapped up the entire X-Men animated series from the 90’s. And we agreed that this show would be killer as a drinking game.


Drink everytime:

•Hank McCoy (Beast) says: “Fascinating”; quotes someone (drink x2).

•Wolverine: his claws come out; he uses/talks about his nose; mentions he gonna use his claws to extract something out of someone; rages

•Cyclops says: “Jean!” or “Professor”; uses optic blast

•Jean Grey: says “Scott…”

•Storm: “summons” or mentions what element of the weather she’s about to do; Falls from the sky (drink x3)

•Gambit: says his own name; calls Rogue “cher”; lights something up and throws it

•Rogue: takes flight; punches something; touches someone draining them (drink x3)

•Jubilee: whines

•Professor X: says “X-Men”

•you hear “previously, on X-Men”

Yeah this sounds like fun.




  1. Here’s a few more we noticed that worked great. did this during the phoenix saga… sooo hammered

    Beast – every time he catches someone who is falling

    Jubilee – shoots her sparklers for no effect

    Jean – says the word Psychokinetic

    Jean or Cyclops – Mentions their telekinetic ripose

    Professor – Uses Cerebro

    Finish your drink – Every time there is something blatantly inconsistent between episodes or scenes.
    This seems to happen about once every 2 episodes. we noticed during phoenix saga that
    A- the blackbird flies to muir island with wolvy and co. then jean and cyclops take the blackbird to muir island before anyone goes back to the mansion.
    B- Lillandra is in a spacesuit before juggernaut attacks, when he shows up she’s in her black costume
    C- Cyclops is held in Cell 3 of starjammers ship, then its an unnumbered Cell next episode
    D- Prof gets mind controlled in the minijet, then wolvy breaks the jet to get him out. next scene prof is still in the jet, but its not damaged

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