Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.

Iwywaw (Com Truise Cover)

Here’s track 3 off of “Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Do Covers”.

Why I did it:

Seth Haley’s project Com Truise took me a few listens to realize that this is like Vangelis with hip-hop beats. After hearing ‘Iwywaw’ it hit me. This is the best electronic music I’ve ever heard. The music just brings me to a place.

After finishing this cover, I realized that it sounds like me piloting a rusty junk monster machine through a city. It’s evening on a late autumn day. Sweat on my face and a cigarette in my mouth puffed right before saying a smiled ‘machine’, as I startup my lever driven contraption. Each kick drum, and snare denotes the hard steps I take with it. The delay on the high guitar notes reflect the sunlight off of my ride, while the clean guitar from a stranger singing “I want to be…” wails in the distance. As my innocent rampage through town comes to an end, I stop at a dead grassy field, then hop out of my automaton, the wind cooling my face, as I look at the sunset. My machine malfunctioning prompts me to wipe my face with my hand…

*I hope that all didn’t sound too cheesy. And I hope Mr. Haley thinks its cool. I kept the arrangement the same as the original.* 😛

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