Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.



That’s right! Its my 27th birthday coming up in a few days, and I’m making a batch! INCLUDING Nuka-Cola QUANTUM!

Want to know the recipe? Click these links below!



For you Canadians (like me), who don’t have Foosh mints. Or Squirt Soda. So Here’s my substitutes!

Instead of Squirt Soda, use FRESCA!

Instead of those caffeinated mints, try finding quirky flavor mints at your local “mom and pop” store. I’m using ginger mints, for example.

Sometime this week I’ll do a video of my first concoction.

If you need labels for the bottles, google search, and you’ll find them quick!

I’m just waiting for my isotopes to come in the mail (i.e. black lights) for the Quantum.

I reckon this may taste funky, but you can’t spell funky without “FUN”!

Fuck, do I love Fallout.




This recipe sucks. You know why? 1/3 of each flavor pop, then tonic water? That doesn’t make any sense. I tried it. Stay tuned for my drinkable recipe in a couple of days.

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