Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.

I need a vacation


My brain is fried. Not from weed, you silly geese!

The last week has been a total flatline for me in terms of what the hell is going on with how I see things.

The mundane day job, the shitty sleep, and the stress of everything is catching up to me.

I’ve decided to take a week or two off from my daily thoughts, to basically think some more. Sounds dumb, doesn’t it. (Bathroom pics will still be posted.)

I’ve also got some really great ideas I want to see to fruition in the future. More cover songs, originals, and possibly a radio-play! I’ve been thinking about these things as I ship out $1400 fucking office chairs to banks, and other wealthy companies. Shitty economy? Yeah right…


The Rabid Whole continues to be a constant in the meantime. We’re also getting ready to (*SPOILER ALERT*) shoot a music video!

I’m also going to be revamping this blog just a tad.

For those of you who’d like to keep up with my “goings-on”, follow me on twitter, instagram (Radutron), or send me a friend request on Facebook.



One response

  1. mom

    Hang in there Georgie…..take care

    July 31, 2012 at 11:46 PM

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