Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.

My New Tattoo

I had been itching for a new tattoo since March. I decided to get something original, and using my mediocre photoshop skills I had made something AWESOME!



Look familiar? It’s the non-pixelated version of my background image on this blog.

I tried combining the ‘power-on/off’ symbol, with the omega, and after realizing the middle was empty, placed some tech-rings. Voila. I knew this was it.

I took the design to Passage Tattoo, and had a talented artist named Kevin Davidson ink me up. Kevin made some subtle changes to my original design, but in the end it turned out great.

After a month of healing.

After a month of healing.

I’ve gotten many reactions such as: a combination of Green Lantern meets Flash; the hand part of an omni-tool in Mass Effect; a rotary encoder; an album cover from a band called Pendulum… It’s been really interesting!



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