Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.

Social Media Anxiety

I just had an argument on Facebook about something political. And got the old “So what you’re saying is…” response. After I realized that I was in a Facebook argument I stated it in my next reply, and said I was done.

Now I have anxiety going to bed thinking I’m gonna be doxxed and stuff I said being taken out of context to make me look bad. Jesus Christ, I know I’m not good at explaining things very well, but I didn’t say anything racist or anything related to hate speech…

For fuck sake, is this the world we live in now? Thought police? Should I just keep my thoughts to myself? Isn’t that wrong? What kind of world is this becoming? Do I have to stand on a podium and explain myself to everyone? Is my family going to be safe? Am I gonna get fired from my job because I had a sensible opinion?

After reading these questions I’ve asked, I just realized that this is indeed the new era of citizens drowning each other, and I need to watch myself. I also need to better prepare for arguments. Maybe quit social media and live in the boonies.

I’m not gonna sleep well tonight.

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