About Me

I’ve played guitar in bands that have traveled through Canada and the United States. I’ve been through my own personal hell and came out of it wiser and stronger.

These days reading books, writing, playing guitar, writing music, and indulging in nerdy hobbies are what I enjoy doing in my spare time.

Contact: radutron @ gmail.com


  1. Would you happen to have a list of KMFDM songs that the ladies Dorona Alberti, Travis, and (especially) Lucia Cifarelli have sung on? Thanks.

    • Hey Rob! Sorry for the long ass delay. I don’t have a list off hand, but I can tell you that Cifarelli has sung on every album as the dominating female since 2002. Albums include ATTAK, WWIII, HAU RUCK, TOHUVABOHU, BLITZ, WTF?!, and KUNST. Travis was only on or one or two tracks on SYMBOLS, and Alberti was on MONEY, ANGST, NIHIL, and XTORT. Man oh man. And they’re not the only girls either!

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