Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.

Books I’ve Read

Of course these ain’t the only books I’ve read, but these are what I’ve read since turning 30:

Ready Player One (Cline)

A Canticle For Leibowitz (Miller Jr.)

Man And His Symbols (Jung)

The Portable Nietzsche*

Don’t Worry, Be Grumpy (Brahm)

Jung on The Active Imagination* (Jung)

12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos (Peterson)

Jung On Evil* (Jung)

The Hero With A Thousand Faces (Campbell)

Jung On Alchemy*

The Myth Of Sisyphus (Camus)

Fifth Business (Davies)

The Manticore (Davies)

World Of Wonders (Davies)

The Divine Within* (Huxley)

Currently The Power Of Myth (Campbell/Moyers)

*collected works