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All the way from Brazil!


I got an awesome email from a fan of my band The Rabid Whole. His name is Marcos, and he made his own TRW t-shirt, and has seen my blog, and decided to send me a pic of himself. Pretty cool, eh? I think so.

On a side note, I’m coming back to my regular blogging schedule, very soon!



Bathroom 063

OK. So, Bathrooms 62, 63, and 64 are a trilogy, I realize, since I'm wearing the same thing in all three. Because of the colours, I'm reminded of Orange, and Cream. YUM!

Because of the colours, I’m reminded of Orange, and Cream. YUM!

Bathroom 062

I forget where the hell this is. I'm sure I'm still in the U.S.of A!

I forget where the hell this is. I’m sure I’m still in the U.S.of A!

Don’t Break The Seal


Bathroom 061

I took a poop in the same place Elvis, and a whack-load of other old timey jazz/blues musicians recorded music. Sun Records, in Memphis, TN! We decided to take a peek there on our way back home, but as soon as I came out of the bathroom, everyone was gone. 😦

Bathroom 060

On our way back home to Toronto. In tow are The Suburbians from the UK. Doing our thing at the gas station, I yanked Mark, the lead man into my pic. Boom.

Bathroom 059

I know I’ve been getting slow with updates. It’s funny when you never have time to just sit and think. Most of my thoughts come in between tasks, and if I remember, I’ll get them down to post. Anyway, on with my LATE bathroom pic….
I forget the name of this place, but they dump a bucket of cooked seafood ON THE TABLE, and you eat like an animal. I’m talking King Crab, Blue Crab, un-peeled shrimp, corn, sausage, and a whole lotta NOM NOM NOM. This was on 6th, in Austin, TX. My band, The Rabid Whole, was down for SXSW, so we decided to try it. And the chow was not cow, but from starboard bow! AH-HYUK! Thems rhymin’ words.

Bathroom 058

Taking pictures being in all these bathrooms, you know there had to be one that had me showing my nipples. 😛 This is at the hotel in Austin.

Bathroom 057

Right after our last show in Austin, during SXSW this year. We went to this fancy place on 6th (I forget what its called). Had some drinks there with my band and company. The bathrooms reminded me of the Titanic. Neato!

Bathroom 056

I think this is in the 2nd (and last venue) we played during SXSW. I forget the name, but it was on 5th, and the venue’s windows opened up revealing the stage inside. People could walk by on the street, and get a good glimpse of what was happening.

Bathroom 055

Ahh yes. I remember this place exactly. I really needed to pee. After washing my hands, and getting this snapshot, I saw a sticker for a band with a very cool name. I forgot what it was. Shortly after coming out, a southern bell in front of the entrance of the bar, stood before me with goggles on her head. She pointed out how she liked mine. She said her name was “Eevee”. I turned to my bass player, Oscar, and we both thought “Pokemon!”.

Bathroom 054

This was in The Dizzy Rooster on 6th at SXSW. Just getting ready to rock our first show in the U.S.

Bathroom 053

SXSW had a few Brits, which I was happy to see. This vparty we were at, had free booze, and free food. Sooooooo good.

Bathroom 052

Should I celebrate this silly idea? Somewhere along 6th, in Austin, TX. I forget the bar’s name, but I do reckon drinking there. ;P

Bathroom 051

I believe that this is in a “Bikini’s” restaurant, that was right beside our hotel, in Austin, TX. The burgers were awesome!

Bathroom 050

Finally in Texas, I think. I’m in one of the many bars on 6th, during SXSW.

Bathroom 049

Once again rocking my Aperture Science t-shirt. I forget where this is. When I travel, I find that all rest stops, gas stations look the same. 😦

Bathroom 048

Still on the way to Austin, TX. At this point, if I remember correctly, it was raining, and we were in the middle of ‘nowheresville’. Oh. My hat is now formed appropriately. I love my hat. 😀

Bathroom 047

Nashville, TN. In a HoJo hotel. It was rough getting to sleep since there was a gang of motorcyclists across the fence, ripping and roaring their flashy bikes.

Bathroom 046

Where the hell is my hat!?

Bathroom 045

Another U.S. gas station, I think. In Ohio! Yeah that’s it… ;P That uneven rim in my hat will disappear soon…

Bathroom 044

Howdy, United States…

Bathroom 043

I forget where the hell this is. Or what I was doing. This could be right before going to Austin, TX for SXSW. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *strokes beard*

Bathroom 042

Pee The Rainbow. Taste The Rainbow. Err something…