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Let Me Tell Ya Something…

Drunk Guys

The Rabid Whole’s newest show dates!

It’s that time of the month…in SEPTEMBER, when we bleed your ears with our brand of future rock music!

Ontarioians, rejoice.

Check out the dates on our website, or our publicist’s site here.

I’ll certainly be taking more bathroom pics.



Oops, Out Of Time



That’s right! Its my 27th birthday coming up in a few days, and I’m making a batch! INCLUDING Nuka-Cola QUANTUM!

Want to know the recipe? Click these links below!



For you Canadians (like me), who don’t have Foosh mints. Or Squirt Soda. So Here’s my substitutes!

Instead of Squirt Soda, use FRESCA!

Instead of those caffeinated mints, try finding quirky flavor mints at your local “mom and pop” store. I’m using ginger mints, for example.

Sometime this week I’ll do a video of my first concoction.

If you need labels for the bottles, google search, and you’ll find them quick!

I’m just waiting for my isotopes to come in the mail (i.e. black lights) for the Quantum.

I reckon this may taste funky, but you can’t spell funky without “FUN”!

Fuck, do I love Fallout.




This recipe sucks. You know why? 1/3 of each flavor pop, then tonic water? That doesn’t make any sense. I tried it. Stay tuned for my drinkable recipe in a couple of days.

The Rabid Whole does a Thursday Throwdown

For all of you Torontonians…

The Rabid Whole’s CD Release Show SOLD OUT last Friday, so we are playing a surprise party at The Hard Luck TONIGHT!

RSVP through the link below for FREE DRINKS/FOOD/SHOW… sounds like a good deal, eh?

Come out and party with us, while supplies last!!

Party starts at 9, we’re on at 11!

RSVP: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGdENUxXNEtvNWRELWRPZWRHY2l0cUE6MA#gid=0

Check out this review from the CD Release Show!:

Here’s a full stream of our new album:

TONIGHT! The Rabid Whole CD Release Show


If you’re in Toronto tonight, check out my band’s CD Release Show for our new album REFUGE! We’re playing at the Bovine Sex Club once again! Party like its 2099!

We’re on at MIDNIGHT! It’s only $6 to get in, or pay $10 and you also get the new album! Great deal I think 😉

Details are here.

Also download the track ‘Future’!

Think this album is gonna suck? Well read this review!

Austin, TX (SXSW 2012)

My band, The Rabid Whole, played the IndieWeek Showcase/RedGorilla Music Fest during the SXSW Music/Film Festival down in Austin, Texas a couple of weeks ago. It was a fantastic experience. Probably one of the best I’ve witnessed being in a band.

Real ‘Southern Hospitality’ I must say! Friendly people.

While talking to people, I caught myself developing a southern accent! Wearing the hat/goggles didn’t really help, either. hahaha!

If you’re friends with me on facebook (If not, look me up. George V. Radutron), you’ve seen these on my timeline (or on Instagram). Except here there’s more of a story to them.

Did I take bathroom pics? You better believe I did! Those will be posted down the road.

Anyways, less talk more pics…

X-Men: Animated Series – Drinking Game

'gonna havta get another one!'

My girlfriend and I have almost wrapped up the entire X-Men animated series from the 90’s. And we agreed that this show would be killer as a drinking game.


Drink everytime:

•Hank McCoy (Beast) says: “Fascinating”; quotes someone (drink x2).

•Wolverine: his claws come out; he uses/talks about his nose; mentions he gonna use his claws to extract something out of someone; rages

•Cyclops says: “Jean!” or “Professor”; uses optic blast

•Jean Grey: says “Scott…”

•Storm: “summons” or mentions what element of the weather she’s about to do; Falls from the sky (drink x3)

•Gambit: says his own name; calls Rogue “cher”; lights something up and throws it

•Rogue: takes flight; punches something; touches someone draining them (drink x3)

•Jubilee: whines

•Professor X: says “X-Men”

•you hear “previously, on X-Men”

Yeah this sounds like fun.