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Thought: Empathy

In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, Mantis is a character whose superpower is empathy. We all have that ability in real life.

My barber (whose Iraqi) told me a story of his father who he didn’t talk to for a quite a while suddenly wanted to skype with him. He just told his son that he wanted to see his face, after being asked why. The next day his father died.

I wept in my chair.

We’re all human beings. With social media lets talk WITH each other rather than AT each other. We’re not all so special as we think we are.


Second Chances



Pros And Porns

Pros And Porns

Rob Ford = The Penguin

So Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford, has finally been impeached. Many citizens are probably breathing a sigh of relief. I was talking to my girlfriend about it, and she said that Rob Ford looks like an ugly version of The Penguin. This got my gears turning, so I cranked out these memes celebrating his over-throw. I hope you enjoy.

Fist Control

Political/Social Fallout

Your Company Doesn’t Really Care About You

No Gods, No Kings… No ACTA

Problem, internet?

SOPA protesters online made their voice heard causing U.S. congressmen to jump the SOPA ship.

How awesome. Except now that they had everyone busy worrying about that, a new cock-sucking* enemy has awakened after a year of sleep. ACTA (Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement). Something Canada is involved in.

ACTA could very well turn the whole internet into a giant fucking shopping mall. Now I say shopping mall because if go into a store now and try to take a picture of something I wanna show my friend, one of the staff will say ‘no pictures’. Online, that means no memes, no de-motivational posters, NO FAN ART, no this, no that. At least that’s what it could very well escalate to.

Imagine all these talented artists on deviantArt having to delete their fan art because of depicting intellectual property that’s not theirs.

Hell, even the EP I’ve got in the works could have Prince rapping at my chamber door, and as I answer, he screams and back hands me with a flapjack** and a cease and desist order. Even though I’m giving away these covers of mine FOR FREE!

Heck, Bathroom 018 on this blog was shot inside a Boston Pizza. I could get into shit for doing that on private property. Displaying the design of the interior like that? Isn’t that strictly for patrons to see? Oh BTW, BP’s, your bathrooms are very clean. At least your Prince Albert, SK location…

Say goodbye to YouTube (let’s face it folks, the entire original Transformers movie is on there on some random account, + bazillion more!).

Wanna post Portal 2 video walkthroughs on YouTube? If Valve turned into assholes, they could very well shut you down.

Rebecca Black could sue us all for posting her video all over Facebook.

Even you stupid bimbos on Facebook that are all like “haha like OMG, here’s my favourite song!” (posts the latest from LMFAO)

Hell everyone could get into trouble from the rights holders for anything we share online.

Getting my point yet?

On the upside I suppose people would be forced to BUY music again, thus returning power to the major labels who would once again dictate what to listen to. pretty much throwing us back to pre-1999 (before Napster was released). The music business would be restored under a new format! Or would it?

Now here’s a theory: No one really watches TV anymore, thanks to Netflix. Once ACTA is in place, the Internet could turn into a subscribed website format. Much like cable/satellite packages. This is my worst fear.

Anonymous and a lot of the Internet community so far are doing a great job boycotting it online. But more needs to be done.

Right now I’m following @YourAnonNews on twitter for everything ACTA, and SOPA related info. I suggest you do the same. If theres a chance to sign a petition. Do it!

Let’s protect the freedom of our Internet community.

“No gods. No kings. Only man.” – Andrew Ryan



UPDATE: Here’s how you can STOP ACTA!

*yeah I’m swearing. This one is probably my favourite. To say. Not do.

**a.k.a. pancakes (referencing Dave Chappelle’s True Hollywood Stories with Charlie Murphy)