Riding a motorcycle through a wormhole in inner-space.


Radstar Hero

New track. Go here to check it out.



Rockin’ to “Lara”

Wanna see me playing guitar? SURE YOU DO!

Rockin’ to my track “Lara” (inspired by Lara Croft from Tomb Raider), with my sweet Kassandra.

Listen to track on Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.


My love letters in musical form to some of my favourite female characters in video games is now completed, and available to stream, or to purchase to download! I’m so very excited and I’m happy to share it with the world.

“WAIFU” Update

I’m currently getting through writing the track “Piper” as I record it. It’s challenging my guitar playing in a way I never thought possible, and I’m not one to edit the crap out of my guitar lines like most pros do (literally cutting every note and align it with the rhythm). I just can’t be that obsessive with something like that. I’ve listened to too much classic rock lately that I’m much more comfortable with sticking with the best take. I either play it well or I delete it. There’s something more human about it to me, and I don’t have to answer to anyone about it. But, I must say I’m very happy with the direction the track is going (think rockabilly-punk-kinda).

There’s a quote that Walt Disney said, something like “Everyone needs deadlines”. It really puts the pressure on to complete any project. But I’m quite certain I’ll complete this one. I know this is all talk, but if the first two tracks are any indication of how good this record is gonna be…

I really feel like this music is really the start of something for me. A real way to project my imagination.

I’m very excited to get this finished and start my next record idea I got kicking around in my head.


New WAIFU track: CHUN

WAIFU is well under underway, and I’ve finished a new track. An ode to Chun-Li from Street Fighter! You can download it here!

ROBOTS! (New Music)

Had fun with this.

First track from “WAIFU”.

Here’s the first track, from the upcoming record, WAIFU. Inspired by the character Jack from the video game series Mass Effect.

Jack satisfied my messiah-complex in the game. Plus, she’s just beautiful with that shaved skull, and omega tattoo.

Thousands Of Years Ago…

…I can always tell that a narrator will say something like that when a movie opens showing some vast/ancient civilization. DERP!

Like the new look of my blog?

I hate that I haven’t been doing my daily thoughts, or weekly bathroom pics anymore. The truth is my house was broken into back in August while being a groomsman for my friend’s wedding, and although I had brought my laptop with me, I left everything else at home. Thankfully my musical equipment was safe, but my hard-drives, and even my back-up hard-drives were stolen! Along with my TV, PS3, and games, etc… The video games are replaceable, but the 7 years+ of everything I’ve ever done for school, my band, and even my own personal shit, was gone.

Needless to say I’ve started from scratch again. If it ain’t hackers online, then its real-life thieves you gotta worry about. Yeesh……

Anyways, I’ve put it behind me, but sometimes the mere thought of it just grinds my gears. Now I’m wondering what to do with this blog. I really really like the idea that this blog is mine (RADUTRON.COM! NO ONE HAS THIS!), and is my own website separate from any social network, and my own place to display my thoughts in such a way that I see fit.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like video games, so maybe I’ll babble on about my favourite games? I’m not sure. It’s not so great discussing it without someone else. The comments section in any gaming website is akin to youtube comments: trolling; racism; the spellchecker; and 12 yr-olds who could be all-of-the-above.

Boy do I love FALLOUT!

Boy do I love FALLOUT!

In the music front, aside from The Rabid Whole, I’ve been doing “guitar a cappella”, and beat-boxing beats into the voice recorder for these crazy low tempo songs I got ideas for. Even my dinky little synths on my iPhone have been a great help in realizing some of these tunes. This first guitar-driven track I came up with is definitely a step in the right direction, and I already see it as “track 1” in a short collection of songs. In time people will know what I mean.

This year is very exciting. New things are coming.


Bathroom 061

I took a poop in the same place Elvis, and a whack-load of other old timey jazz/blues musicians recorded music. Sun Records, in Memphis, TN! We decided to take a peek there on our way back home, but as soon as I came out of the bathroom, everyone was gone. 😦

My “First” Impressions

This weekend I decided to do some impressions of some video game characters plus one Bane from a recent Batman film. 😛

Here it is.

The Rabid Whole NEWS!


Lots of stuff happening with The Rabid Whole lately! If you don’t know who my band is, just click The Rabid Whole tab on my blog.

First thing, we recently shot a music video for our song “Future”. It’s currently being edited and we can’t wait to show the world when it’s done!

We played Toronto and Ottawa, few weeks back, and we rocked the hell out of those cities! Lithium Magazine did a interview with us at the Toronto show, so here’s the video. Though ignore the mention of a tour for this fall (we may have shot off about that way too soon. But be patient!)

The Rabid Whole is nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in the “Best Electronic” catagory, so the band is going to be attending the awards this Saturday. Here’s the press release about it. We will be wearing our finest polyester to this shindig. 😛

Our next show is during Indie Week, here in Toronto next week. Here’s the Facebook event.

And if you’d like, here’s a full stream of our most recent album “Refuge“.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you at one of our shows!

On a personal note, I’ve helped brought lighting to The Rabid Whole’s live show, which I’m pretty proud of. I learned a whole whack load of new tech stuff in a weekend!

For my fellow Canadians, have a lovely Thanksgiving, this weekend.



“…Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Do Covers” is OUT NOW!

You can grab the digital EP with PDF Booklet and bonus track “Metropolis Zone” from BandCamp.

Or head to SoundCloud and get the 8-tracks there.

It’s FREE!


1. Ride The Bomb (Excessive Force, Sascha K.)
2. Use Your Head (Earthworm Jim, Tommy Tallarico)
3. Iwywaw (Com Truise, Seth Haley)
4. Marble Garden Zone (Sonic 3, Howard Drossin)
5. Kiss (Prince and The Revolution)
6. My Mind (Final Fantasy VIII, Nobuo Uematsu)
7. Way Back Home (Bob Crosby and The Bobcats)
8. Sky Chase Zone (Sonic 2, Masato Nakamura)

*There seems to be an issue with SoundCloud cutting out a fraction of a second out of the beginning of a few tracks in the player. I hope this is not the case when people download them.

Stop Worrying… It’s coming…

It’s taken this much time since The Rabid Whole is my main priority, and things have picked up steam, especially with our newly released album REFUGE. There’s great reviews coming in. Check out our facebook, to see what the hell is going on.
I’m nearing completion of all recorded tracks for “…Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Do Covers”. They’re sounding great, and I’m truly excited to release this to all you curious minds out there.
It’s been a lot of fun recording with just Logic, VSTs, guitar/POD, and a mic. The Prince cover I had doubts before I even started! But it’s proving to be (what I feel) a definite highlight. So fun.
I’ll be releasing this fan-audio EP via BandCamp, complete with PDF Booklet for those who download the whole EP. Again, it’s FREE!
View the details of the EP here.
June 25th is when I drop the bomb and ride it through your ear canals.
After this I have more plans for covers dished out bite sized. And even a Fallout themed cover song of a one hit wonder. What Weird Al did to everything, I’m doing to this one song.
I’ve revealed too much.
P.S. Awesome Birthday Cake

TONIGHT! The Rabid Whole CD Release Show


If you’re in Toronto tonight, check out my band’s CD Release Show for our new album REFUGE! We’re playing at the Bovine Sex Club once again! Party like its 2099!

We’re on at MIDNIGHT! It’s only $6 to get in, or pay $10 and you also get the new album! Great deal I think 😉

Details are here.

Also download the track ‘Future’!

Think this album is gonna suck? Well read this review!


My band The Rabid Whole has a new press release out! Check it out HERE!

I’ve also updated the THE RABID WHOLE page of my blog!

I’m so excited about this, you have no idea. We’re getting ready to put the rock against the flux!!!

Check out our new song “Future”!

Iwywaw (Com Truise Cover)

Here’s track 3 off of “Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Do Covers”.

Why I did it:

Seth Haley’s project Com Truise took me a few listens to realize that this is like Vangelis with hip-hop beats. After hearing ‘Iwywaw’ it hit me. This is the best electronic music I’ve ever heard. The music just brings me to a place.

After finishing this cover, I realized that it sounds like me piloting a rusty junk monster machine through a city. It’s evening on a late autumn day. Sweat on my face and a cigarette in my mouth puffed right before saying a smiled ‘machine’, as I startup my lever driven contraption. Each kick drum, and snare denotes the hard steps I take with it. The delay on the high guitar notes reflect the sunlight off of my ride, while the clean guitar from a stranger singing “I want to be…” wails in the distance. As my innocent rampage through town comes to an end, I stop at a dead grassy field, then hop out of my automaton, the wind cooling my face, as I look at the sunset. My machine malfunctioning prompts me to wipe my face with my hand…

*I hope that all didn’t sound too cheesy. And I hope Mr. Haley thinks its cool. I kept the arrangement the same as the original.* 😛


Best known as the guitarist for Toronto-based electro-rockers The Rabid Whole, George V. Radutu is pleased to unveil his new fan audio project RADUTRON. Its first release is titled …Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying, And Do Covers and features 8 cover songs inspired by both artist and video game composers from the last 60+ years. This EP will be available in early 2012 as a free download.

The inspiration for the project came from Radutu’s love of video game soundtracks. “I wanted to create my own versions of these popular, and underground tunes that have been soundtracks to my escapism over these many years. I’m certain that my fellow gamers, and music lovers will enjoy these.”

The cover art for …Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying, And Do Covers was created by Charlotte Solieh. Radutu found her work online and knew she would be perfect for the vibe he sought to create. “I stumbled-upon Charlotte’s work online and was blown away by it. Its a plus that she is also a gamer. She knows how to re-create a scene using those oh-so-fine brush strokes.”

The digital-only package will include a PDF booklet documenting the passion behind the production.

True to the spirit of game production, tracks on the EP were beta-tested.

…Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Do Covers will be available for PC/Mac, PS3, XBOX 360, iOS, and any other device that plays mp3s.

The [ABSOLUTELY FREE] EP is slated for an early 2012 release.


1. Ride The Bomb (Excessive Force, Sascha K.)
2. Use Your Head (Earthworm Jim, Tommy Tallarico)
3. Iwywaw (Com Truise, Seth Haley)
4. Marble Garden Zone (Sonic 3, Howard Drossin)
5. Kiss (Prince and The Revolution)
6. My Mind (Final Fantasy VIII, Nobuo Uematsu)
7. Way Back Home (Bob Crosby and The Bobcats)
8. Sky Chase Zone (Sonic 2, Masato Nakamura)

To celebrate this announcement the free track “Metropolis Zone” (Sonic 2, by Masato Nakamura) is available for download/stream below.

Progress, and N-GE

I re-recorded my guitar for a certain video game soundtrack classic. The last session I did was rough and the levels were not what I wanted.

After editing, it will be ear candy and adding N-GE’s voice to the song.

Now use your imagination.

I’m a huge Fallout fan (since the first one!), and after finding a sound that sounds like an eyebot, I HAD to use it. Now I’m thinking about putting it in every track, but only if it calls for it, and not take over the whole song. Just accents.

You can already hear it in the 1st trailer, in the Com Truise cover clip (the warp-ridden frequency beeps). In the original, Seth Haley uses a sample of a woman singing. Instead of doing the same thing, I’d use my guitar amp-eyebot personality.

Maybe I should refer “it” to “her”. Just like old guys and their boats, and vintage cars. 😛

Anyways I have a great idea for the second trailer, that echoes the fantastic cover art, and goes well with the track I’ll unveil. I hope most of you have been gaming since November 21, 1992. That’s over 19 YEARS!

16-bit anyone?



P.S. Those if you in the Toronto area, my band THE RABID WHOLE will be playing at The Bovine Sex Club on Saturday night (no, it’s not a SEX club, outsiders). It’s my bass player’s birthday as well (who also lays some sweet lovin’ bass on a few tracks on the EP). Want on the guest list? Message me!

RADUTRON EP – Artist Reveal Trailer

Say hello to the first trailer revealing my EP dedicated to some of my favourite tracks, ever.

My music project update.

I’ve been spitting mentions of working on my EP on Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve finished mixing one song already that I’ll be using to introduce the project.

I’ve totally been doing things messy. Not the recordings themselves, but I’d start recording one song, almost finish that (mix a little bit to hear what it could sound like), then start on another. I’ve finished mixing one song before the rest of the songs are finished being recorded.

I know the reason why is so that I have some material to show people to (A) show I ain’t full of poop, and (B) create some sort of hype. King of like how video game publishers show screenshots for a game way before it’s release.

This project, I’m 99% sure, will never be materialized live. If it does, I’d probably be a DJ that plays guitar. And that just sounds silly to me. Back-tracked everything except vocals and guitar 😛 My main focus is The Rabid Whole anyway.

Anyways, I’m pretty F’N proud of this initial track. I can’t believe I was able to edit my own guitar. Well I should believe… I learned how to edit audio in school for F-sake. Tedious, but worth it.
I know the quality is good because, well it sounds way better than a demo (at least what a demo sounded like in the 90’s). No hiss, no distortion.

It’s just cover songs but almost all of them no one has really heard of, if they’re not fans of those games or artists.

The best hope I have is that this thing goes viral in the gaming community. I’m treating this release as a video game. People will know what I mean when the time comes.

Waiting on the artwork. Another ode to my fav video game series of all time, by an artist who gets it.

Stay tuned.



P.S. Another bathroom pic tomorrow. Tuesdays = Bathroom Pics