Radutron LIVE


After playing and touring in a hardcore band (Far From Ruin) and an electronic rock band (The Rabid Whole) for 10+ years, RADUTRON descends from his mountain of isolation to perform his own music with the help of some friends he’s gathered along his journey.

RADUTRON’s alternative rock and punk is fueled by inspiration of fictional characters, mythology itself, and his journey inward of self-discovery. Whether its his ideal women on “WAIFU”, his favourite mechanical misfits on the track “Robots!”, or his thematic charge into the perilous journey of our lives in “Radstar”, this guild of rockers also perform covers of influence that surely delight the minds that remember them.

RADUTRON sets out to be conscious that life is an adventure, and you can’t get through life without help from your friends. This mental bard and his guild go forth with instruments in hand, while tongues are firmly in cheek.