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The Rabid Whole NEWS!


Lots of stuff happening with The Rabid Whole lately! If you don’t know who my band is, just click The Rabid Whole tab on my blog.

First thing, we recently shot a music video for our song “Future”. It’s currently being edited and we can’t wait to show the world when it’s done!

We played Toronto and Ottawa, few weeks back, and we rocked the hell out of those cities! Lithium Magazine did a interview with us at the Toronto show, so here’s the video. Though ignore the mention of a tour for this fall (we may have shot off about that way too soon. But be patient!)

The Rabid Whole is nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in the “Best Electronic” catagory, so the band is going to be attending the awards this Saturday. Here’s the press release about it. We will be wearing our finest polyester to this shindig. 😛

Our next show is during Indie Week, here in Toronto next week. Here’s the Facebook event.

And if you’d like, here’s a full stream of our most recent album “Refuge“.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you at one of our shows!

On a personal note, I’ve helped brought lighting to The Rabid Whole’s live show, which I’m pretty proud of. I learned a whole whack load of new tech stuff in a weekend!

For my fellow Canadians, have a lovely Thanksgiving, this weekend.



Galactic Melt


If there’s one album from 2011 that best groomed my ear canals (and still does), it was Galactic Melt by Com Truise.

I’ve mentioned Seth Haley’s project multiple times on twitter, simply because I think it’s genius. It sounds like nothing I’ve heard before yet reminds me of 1980’s sci-fi.

Think of Marty McFly in the time-traveling DeLorean in SLOW MOTION, or Deckard chasing replicants through dank streets in SLOW MOTION. Each with thin coloured lights zooming across the screen. That’s what the music is to me.

Tracks like ‘VHS Sex’, and ‘Glawio’ are probably my favourites, although the video for ‘Brokendate’ is pretty slick!

I’d really have to say that this is the music for the future, right next to Michael McCann‘s soundtrack for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.