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Thought: Vault-Boy and Real Life

I’m a big fan of the Fallout video-game franchise. I got a section of a shelf at home dedicated to bobble-heads, Pop Figures, collector editions, plushes and what not.

The main image of Fallout is the character Vault-Boy. The mascot of an insane corporation called Vault-Tec. His ominous smile plastered all over the post-nuclear wasteland of Fallout’s fictional universe.

Today I get an email from the Bethesda Store trying to sell me a t-shirt that says “War Never Changes” and with a graphic of an average man-looking Vault Boy seeing a nuclear bomb going off.

With potential war looming against North Korea and the U.S., I find this very fucking ironic.‬ I can’t buy this shit anymore.

Fallout 4 – 1st Play-through Highlights

Some highlights of my first play-through of Fallout 4. The inclusion of your companion’s input, and the drama of the main story was nothing short of spectacular. V.A.T.S. is always fun too.

More Fallout 4 Screenshots

Fallout 4_20160227164740

This is was happenstance, as I hopped onto the pipe and looked up.

Fallout 4_20160221141507

There’s been more than a few instances where I walk into a place and instant symmetry on screen catches my attention.

Fallout 4_20160220181150

Piper I’m just in love with.

My Influence Map

I’ve seen a few of these on deviantArt.com and thought I’d do my own. I tried to use just logos, and symbols to represent each influence. Do your own!

“…Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Do Covers” is OUT NOW!

You can grab the digital EP with PDF Booklet and bonus track “Metropolis Zone” from BandCamp.

Or head to SoundCloud and get the 8-tracks there.

It’s FREE!


1. Ride The Bomb (Excessive Force, Sascha K.)
2. Use Your Head (Earthworm Jim, Tommy Tallarico)
3. Iwywaw (Com Truise, Seth Haley)
4. Marble Garden Zone (Sonic 3, Howard Drossin)
5. Kiss (Prince and The Revolution)
6. My Mind (Final Fantasy VIII, Nobuo Uematsu)
7. Way Back Home (Bob Crosby and The Bobcats)
8. Sky Chase Zone (Sonic 2, Masato Nakamura)

*There seems to be an issue with SoundCloud cutting out a fraction of a second out of the beginning of a few tracks in the player. I hope this is not the case when people download them.



Looks purple on this vid, but is more of a royal blue in real life. You can omit the red colour dye, if desired.





That’s right! Its my 27th birthday coming up in a few days, and I’m making a batch! INCLUDING Nuka-Cola QUANTUM!

Want to know the recipe? Click these links below!



For you Canadians (like me), who don’t have Foosh mints. Or Squirt Soda. So Here’s my substitutes!

Instead of Squirt Soda, use FRESCA!

Instead of those caffeinated mints, try finding quirky flavor mints at your local “mom and pop” store. I’m using ginger mints, for example.

Sometime this week I’ll do a video of my first concoction.

If you need labels for the bottles, google search, and you’ll find them quick!

I’m just waiting for my isotopes to come in the mail (i.e. black lights) for the Quantum.

I reckon this may taste funky, but you can’t spell funky without “FUN”!

Fuck, do I love Fallout.




This recipe sucks. You know why? 1/3 of each flavor pop, then tonic water? That doesn’t make any sense. I tried it. Stay tuned for my drinkable recipe in a couple of days.

The EP cover in its entirety!

The artist who knows how to put me into my favourite made up world. Check out the bigger version here.

Ride The Bomb