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Best known as the guitarist for Toronto-based electro-rockers The Rabid Whole, George V. Radutu is pleased to unveil his new fan audio project RADUTRON. Its first release is titled …Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying, And Do Covers and features 8 cover songs inspired by both artist and video game composers from the last 60+ years. This EP will be available in early 2012 as a free download.

The inspiration for the project came from Radutu’s love of video game soundtracks. “I wanted to create my own versions of these popular, and underground tunes that have been soundtracks to my escapism over these many years. I’m certain that my fellow gamers, and music lovers will enjoy these.”

The cover art for …Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying, And Do Covers was created by Charlotte Solieh. Radutu found her work online and knew she would be perfect for the vibe he sought to create. “I stumbled-upon Charlotte’s work online and was blown away by it. Its a plus that she is also a gamer. She knows how to re-create a scene using those oh-so-fine brush strokes.”

The digital-only package will include a PDF booklet documenting the passion behind the production.

True to the spirit of game production, tracks on the EP were beta-tested.

…Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Do Covers will be available for PC/Mac, PS3, XBOX 360, iOS, and any other device that plays mp3s.

The [ABSOLUTELY FREE] EP is slated for an early 2012 release.


1. Ride The Bomb (Excessive Force, Sascha K.)
2. Use Your Head (Earthworm Jim, Tommy Tallarico)
3. Iwywaw (Com Truise, Seth Haley)
4. Marble Garden Zone (Sonic 3, Howard Drossin)
5. Kiss (Prince and The Revolution)
6. My Mind (Final Fantasy VIII, Nobuo Uematsu)
7. Way Back Home (Bob Crosby and The Bobcats)
8. Sky Chase Zone (Sonic 2, Masato Nakamura)

To celebrate this announcement the free track “Metropolis Zone” (Sonic 2, by Masato Nakamura) is available for download/stream below.

Sonic, Selling Out

I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet but SEGA put a gun to my childhood hedgehog hero and told him to do a Progressive Auto Insurance commercial.

Even though they used Modern Sonic, I’m glad they didn’t include the the voice. They used the ‘invincible’ and ‘1up’ tune from Sonic 3, which I thought was interesting.

It bothers me that SEGA would do this. First because I HATE THESE COMMERICALS, and that woman on there reminds me of someone I know. Why the hell would Sonic need auto insurance? If anything, Dr. Robotnik needs the insurance for every time Sonic bashed his vehicles. Unfortunately his premiums would be through the roof!

Lady: “I think he’s looking for savings.”

Me: “I think Sonic’s looking for a way out of this fucking commercial, bitch! Where’s Knuckles to punch you in the mouth?”

Bah. Nintendo needs the money much more. Why not get Mario? Hell. WARIO driving around in his purple ’57 boat, I’m sure he’d love to save some coin, that cheap, greedy bastard.

Anyways. Drive safe. There’s a lot of bad drivers out there.

Back to working on my EP!