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Social Media Anxiety

I just had an argument on Facebook about something political. And got the old “So what you’re saying is…” response. After I realized that I was in a Facebook argument I stated it in my next reply, and said I was done.

Now I have anxiety going to bed thinking I’m gonna be doxxed and stuff I said being taken out of context to make me look bad. Jesus Christ, I know I’m not good at explaining things very well, but I didn’t say anything racist or anything related to hate speech…

For fuck sake, is this the world we live in now? Thought police? Should I just keep my thoughts to myself? Isn’t that wrong? What kind of world is this becoming? Do I have to stand on a podium and explain myself to everyone? Is my family going to be safe? Am I gonna get fired from my job because I had a sensible opinion?

After reading these questions I’ve asked, I just realized that this is indeed the new era of citizens drowning each other, and I need to watch myself. I also need to better prepare for arguments. Maybe quit social media and live in the boonies.

I’m not gonna sleep well tonight.

Thought: Empathy

In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, Mantis is a character whose superpower is empathy. We all have that ability in real life.

My barber (whose Iraqi) told me a story of his father who he didn’t talk to for a quite a while suddenly wanted to skype with him. He just told his son that he wanted to see his face, after being asked why. The next day his father died.

I wept in my chair.

We’re all human beings. With social media lets talk WITH each other rather than AT each other. We’re not all so special as we think we are.

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