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Bathroom 054

This was in The Dizzy Rooster on 6th at SXSW. Just getting ready to rock our first show in the U.S.

Bathroom 053

SXSW had a few Brits, which I was happy to see. This vparty we were at, had free booze, and free food. Sooooooo good.

Bathroom 052

Should I celebrate this silly idea? Somewhere along 6th, in Austin, TX. I forget the bar’s name, but I do reckon drinking there. ;P

Bathroom 050

Finally in Texas, I think. I’m in one of the many bars on 6th, during SXSW.


Austin, TX (SXSW 2012)

My band, The Rabid Whole, played the IndieWeek Showcase/RedGorilla Music Fest during the SXSW Music/Film Festival down in Austin, Texas a couple of weeks ago. It was a fantastic experience. Probably one of the best I’ve witnessed being in a band.

Real ‘Southern Hospitality’ I must say! Friendly people.

While talking to people, I caught myself developing a southern accent! Wearing the hat/goggles didn’t really help, either. hahaha!

If you’re friends with me on facebook (If not, look me up. George V. Radutron), you’ve seen these on my timeline (or on Instagram). Except here there’s more of a story to them.

Did I take bathroom pics? You better believe I did! Those will be posted down the road.

Anyways, less talk more pics…